Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mary Claire Couch

Claire was 8 days late and I had to be induced. I got to the hospital at7:00am and we got started right away. Once checked in and hooked up, my midwife broke my water. It was 8am and I was 3cm by 11am I was 5+cm. I was so excited and ready.........I actually thought it may be a fast process. Not so lucky. I was checked again at 2:30 and NO changes.At that point I finally decided on the epidural and got it around 3pm. May I add it was the best epidural yet. I could feel the contractions and move my legs!!But at that point I knew it would be hrs before I could see my sweet baby girl. So with HGTV on and a secret Dr Pepper, I relaxed. At about 3:40 I had turned to my left side and noticed a lot of all the sudden pressure. It was a feeling I knew, i had felt before. I calmly told Jamie that I thought it may be time. But waited a couple more contractions to verify what I thought i was feeling. He got nervous and anxious anyways. I called the nurse to check me and I was correct. She called the midwife and Tappie was in and ready by 4pm. 2 great pushes and 6 min later our Sweet Claire was in my arms!!! Perfect 8lbs 8 oz and 21in long. She has a thing for 8's. Daddy and Claire

Me, Zoe, Jonas, Addison and Claire

Mary Claire couch at one week!!

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