Monday, March 21, 2011


As i am cutting fabric , ipod in and singing away. God took that moment to give me goose pimples and remind me of how BLESSED I am! I am born again and forgiven. He picked me to use in part of his master plan! A sinner, a women who fails and will fall short. Our father is so GREAT.
So I want to remind my self of 10 things I have been blessed with. Because if I forget what i have, I may forget HE gave it all to me.
I was adopted by my Father!!!
Jesus died for me
I have been saved by Mercy and Grace
I will meet him and you in eternity
God gave me a book to learn from
Someone who will Always listen to me
I am loved
I have a voice to use in spreading his word
My Family:
I was given a kind hearted husband
3(almost 4 children)
My Church Family

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