Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Special Delivary-and its not the baby

Since I started this blog i haven't really had the chance to BRAG on my husband. Well today is the day. He is a kind hearted man with many great quality's. But one of his best quality is the one to build. Over the years I have used and abused the fact that the man makes great things. I recently gave him a picture and the dimensions for a table, bench and console that i fell in love with at West Elm. So today was my special delivery, and I'M IN LOVE!!!

Terra Console

Terra Table and Bench

I decided on a budget friendly chair from Target.

Now the most perfect lampshade for my moms vintage orange glass lamp.Our walls are a perfect shade of yellow called Pollen Grain. And the curtains are white. I made a sunburst mirror(still needs to be painted) and will be using white and orangesh/brown old Clorox bottles for console decor. I cant wait for the final project!!So a Big thanks to my hubby and all his hard work on my eat in kitchen redo for under $300.


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